Th Salmon Dance


So yeah, salmon.

I got a little lazy last night and just had pan-fried Atlantic salmon, buttered peas and spicy rice n’ beans. Basically an amalgamation of everything available and leftover in the fridge.

While this dinner was amazing taste-wise, the cooking of it left me a little unsatisfied. I think one reason for this was because of the solo nature of the culinary adventure – I made it for myself and ate it by myself. So, no positiveĀ vibes coming from camaraderie, sharing or cooperation. Another reason might be the circumstances of the evening. My roommates and I had just found out that we will be required to leave our home for refurbishment. Put a bit of a dampener on things.

I think I’ll begin looking in earnest at the academic literature surrounding food/cooking/eating and happiness this week, so that I can more properly organise these ideas and feelings beside suggested theories.

What I’ve basically seen in the liturature so far:

  • cooking at home>eating out because of a sense of accomplishment, symbolic family well-being, $$ savings and healthier meals
  • cooking as a source of giving/sharing (the ‘acts of kindness’ happiness activity)
  • cooking’s effect on happiness is greater when there’s a social component ( the ‘nurturing relationships’ happiness activity)
  • considers changing lifestyles and cooking – it’s seen as a luxury for time-poor society

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