Cheese and tamaaahhhta soup

I’m keeping it simple tonight. Because I’m….

Hot like wasabe when I bust rhymes
Big like Leann Rimes
Because I’m all about value

In financial terms as well as the food I value, that being cheese on toast two ways (creamed AND cheddar) and Rosella condensed tomato soup.

Yes, this is a stock image. I already tossed my own can.

It was a winner in happiness terms, bringing on some epic nostalgia during the quick cooking and slow eating process. DIY dinners on cold childhood nights in the Southern Highlands after ridiculously intense netball training. The fire burning hot but smoking badly as you fight the cat for the best warming position. Lazy weekends and no commitments, obligations or indeed any real problems. Thoooooooooose were the days.

Now, back to assessing my own happiness. Lelz.


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