That’s what gets results!

Above is what might be termed Vaporwave, a musical genre that emerged on the net around 2010. It was originally an ode to digital and musical subcultures from the ’80s and ’90s with a focus on jazzy-electronica elevator music and a satirical message about art in modern consumerist culture (hence the Shuttershock image). As the genre evolved, new music and online phenomena, such as Glitch Art, have been included in its repertoire.

A quintessential visual element of Vaporwave is the Greco-Roman bust.

This got me thinking about the work of my artist/academic sister, who’s known for her mild obsession with classical culture in the digital world.

Hannah Gee takes an object from an ancient society, under the ownership of a nation and protection of institutions, remixing it into a modern, digital artefact. Observe:

She says, “Most “authentic” antiquities that my audience have been exposed to, are in fact copies. And these copies are made from observing antiquities in a light/colour/geographical, political or religious context far from their origins.”

Neither my nor my sister’s work sets parameters for open source creations and collaboration, but they perhaps reflect an example of traditionally closed sources being broken apart to find new ways to explore the ideas they represent.


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