Sneaking past gatekeepers

The amount is debatable.

Whenever I try to explain anything about ‘old media’ problems, I always turn to Anchorman.

This satirical film thrives on issues like sexism, partisan media, newsworthiness and news as a constructed commodity. These last two have significant bearing on the transition from a centralised concept of media and information to one that’s decentralised or distributed.

Once upon a time, media corporations edited, packaged and curated the news – the only news. News doesn’t ‘happen’, it’s created. Gatekeepers, whose authority is distinguished through their established brand (supported by paid advertising), controlled the flow of information and what that creation was. The message apathy, the medium legacy media and the outcome control and profit. As Ron Burgundy said – stop what you’re doing and listen.

(I’m having BCM110 flashbacks)

But, as Jay Rosen says, “now the horizontal flow, citizen-to-citizen, is as real and consequential as the vertical one.”

This process, enabled by expanding online communication networks, moves audiences from passive consumers of information to active participants in content creation, sharing and debate.

While some argue decentralised networks fragment and polarise the public sphere – with individuals only interacting with information/views they agree with, unhinging deliberative democracy – it seems just as harmful to be fed information, 1984 style.


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  1. Hey Liv,
    The way you bring in so many examples from the real world in such a short post is definitely to be commended. I’ve never thought of Anchorman like this but it’s so true and really helps to back up what you’re saying about news being ‘created’ as opposed to just happening. Your reference to 1984 also really helps to justify this statement. Also the gif. at the top of your post is hilarious – I think that’s how most of us feel coming out of BCM112 lecture haha. What are your thoughts on the ownership of news particularly in Australia, are we really getting the whole story?


    1. Thanks Nate, Anchorman is my jam.

      Media ownership in Aus is mental. If you’re looking at mainstream stuff, its only becoming more centralised, reporting the same things that revolve around national and regional interests. It’s also just straight up boring once you realise how many publications/outlets are under the same figureheads.
      Lets keep spicing it up.

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  2. This is a really interesting outlook Olivia on the overlying issue relating to gatekeepers and news media owners. I’ve always been really interested in the issues within News Media (I previously wrote a blog on it), buy you’re quote stating “news doesn’t ‘happen’, it’s created” is something which is extremely creative and true to form. It’d be interesting to possibly write a follow up blog just on that quote alone as a heading and going through the step by step process certain news might do to ‘create news’. Your use of Anchorman as a way to convey meaning is both a simple and effective tool to analyse past, present and future media (and it also makes me wanna go back and watch the film to pick up on these stereotypes)


  3. Hey Liv,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post and I love how you have referenced anchor man as it is a very relevant and interactive example. The reading was very interactive and I like that you have added visual effects that keeps the readers engaged. I do however feel that a you could of elaborated more about the gatekeepers.

    This video I found is about how we have advanced from the traditional way of receiving news to the modern era where social media plays a part.
    I do hope this helps and hope to read more of your blog posts.

    Have a great day
    -Ash- xx


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