Radio U can do it

It’s a relief to say, I had a lot of fun!

Radio U

Preparing for the Radio U week is daunting. It requires your team to produce three news bulletins that are three to five minutes long. The bulletins must be ready for the 10am, 12pm and 2pm news. Each must contain a package and at least one other original interview or soundbite, and other national or locally driven stories. When you look at it on paper, it seems like a lot – producing this three times over, each time in the terrifyingly short space of two hours. In terms of grading, it’s worth about three times more than the average Newsroom week.

But if you’ve got your head screwed on right that day, divvy up the workload evenly, and get going with packages and scripting early, it’s totally not awful. Mostly. And Shawn gives you feedback on the day, so you get some instant results which is kind of satisfying.

Our two-woman team was lucky in a way. Since we don’t have a third player we only had to produce the first two bulletins. A happy half-day indeed. Here’s what we came up with.

I think we sound pretty newsy!

Obviously we were both a bit nervous, sound a little shaky at first, but we pulled it together with relevant stories and good scripting (I think…).

There were a few technical issues. You’ll hear in the first bulletin the uneven levels between the presenter – me – and the package and quotes. Pretty much just a learning curb there, as neither of us had ventured into live radio recording before. Doing Radio U, you’ll get to know the basics of the mixing board, and once you’ve got one bulletin down it’s hard to get it significantly wrong.

In the second bulletin, there’s a tiny weird squealing sound after a quote. Again, just be careful with your editing (it can be hard when you’re under such time pressure). Aaaaaand did ya hear that 30-second pause at the end of the first one? No you didn’t, because Abbey at the mixing tables was smart enough to mute our mics when the internet went weird and we couldn’t stop the live stream. Well done Abbey.

Behind the Scenes

Just a little more me, in case you haven’t seen enough by now, from our social media peeps – (soz about the embedding weirdness but I’m sure you’ll find it).


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  1. Hey!
    Having gone to the uni for almost two years I didn’t even know about this! Whoops! Good informative post though, quite a few easy explanations too. I love working with audio and this looks and sounds super fun. Live recording must be so hard and I commend you for being able to do so! I’m glad you embedded the sounds for context, super helpful! Also, props to you for being able to recognise mistakes and therefor be able to learn from them, goodluck for future broadcasts 🙂

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