They’re taking the story to Isengard

Much relevant mash-up…

Now, this is not transmedia storytelling. After hearing a few confused perspectives, that lump transmedia and multi-platform together, I thought I might explain the difference.

Despite the story of P.S. I Love You being told in written, video and audio forms, the narrative isn’t developed further. One does not have to read the book to understand the film (although some puritans may argue otherwise) which is essential in transmedia storytelling. The story simply exists on multiple platforms.

Transmedia storytelling is the process of utilising various mediums to enrich a central narrative, creating unified and coordinated entertainment. As the prophet of transmedia storytelling, Henry Jenkins says, “each medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story.”

Transmedia storytelling is spreadable, it immerses people in worlds and brings narratives into the lives of audiences, where they can be molded and interacted with.

Take Lord of the Rings as an example. We’re looking at the original LOTR and The Hobbit books, the corresponding films, video games, songs, virtual reality experiences, comics, and a range of fan creations. These platforms explore characters, stories and scenery that wasn’t touched on originally, and continues to develop the seemingly never-ending world of Middle Earth. And this gem…

And keep in mind that connecting narratives across platforms, getting audiences addicted to continuing the story, makes media companies a whole lot more money than simply recreating the same story in a book or on the screen. Sorry P.S. I Love You.

P.S. I secretly love it anyway.


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  1. You’ve touched on an important point where you said “connecting narratives across platforms, getting audiences addicted to continuing the story, makes media companies a whole lot more money”. Transmedia marketing is a viable tool for increasing the positive interactions between a company and its consumers. Transmedia storytelling provides company’s with the opportunity to reach their consumers across a number of mediums and engage with the audience on numerous touch points. The higher number of positive interactions with the company’s brand, the more the reputation and strength of the brand will grow.

    In an age of distrustful consumers who approach more traditional marketing with cynicism and negativity, capturing the consumers’ trust and brand loyalty is integral. By consistently meeting and exceeding consumer expectations through the development and growth of the story world in constantly new and innovative ways, franchises such as The Lord of the Rings utilise transmedia storytelling as a marketing tool to target consumers who want to continually discover all that there is to know about the fictional world that they love.


  2. I honestly felt like I understood the concept of transmedia story telling before reading your blog but the way you have explained it has just made it so much more clear.

    ‘Transmedia storytelling is the process of utilising various mediums to enrich a central narrative, creating unified and coordinated entertainment.’ Was the line which made the most sense to me in distinguishing transmedia story telling from multi platform story telling.

    Heres another link explaining transmedia story telling:


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