‘Something in a space that moves and can move you’

https://soundcloud.com/liv-gee/something-in-a-space-that-moves-and-can-move-you#t=1:11   Hannah is an artist. In her daily doings, the University of Wollongong honours student normally exudes a sense of nonchalant hilarity. However, when it comes to discussing her artistic endeavours and opinions, Hannah's character morphs into something far more serious and profound. She explained this phenomenon, saying that 'talking about art is the... Continue Reading →


An emotional review

It's difficult to critique emotion. It is especially so when what you've been told to focus on is form and rhythm and structure of the story. While these elements are undeniably important, it's what they achieve that I'm trying to observe in this audio narrative about Marion Lembryk growing up in NAZI occupied Poland. Mr Lembryk,... Continue Reading →

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