Perception is everything

A long time ago, I didn't care what I posted on social media. I talked a lot about how much I loved Vanilla Coke. But in recent years, I've gone back through my various timelines, deleting all that embarrassing nonsense. It feels shallow, but it's what social media is all about - cultivating and projecting an image... Continue Reading →


Isn’t Google the internet?

In 2015, two friends and I went on a trip through China and Mongolia. It was a blast. Unfortunately, my Instagram-ing, Face-booking, Gmail-using friend (pictured above on the left) had no knowledge that a multitude of websites and platforms are blocked in China for political purposes by the Great Firewall of China. Somehow her accounts also... Continue Reading →

They’re taking the story to Isengard

Much relevant mash-up... Now, this is not transmedia storytelling. After hearing a few confused perspectives, that lump transmedia and multi-platform together, I thought I might explain the difference. Despite the story of P.S. I Love You being told in written, video and audio forms, the narrative isn't developed further. One does not have to read the... Continue Reading →

Developing onions

After rifling through a bunch of information on American, let alone Australian copyright laws, I'm feeling drained. There seems to be a constantly developing set of different laws, for different types of artistic works, in different countries, dependent on different time frames, to suit the purposes of different corporations. Too many layers for my liking. As... Continue Reading →

A galaxy far, far away from Lucasfilm

Let's talk about a fancy old French word that previously meant nothing to me. Ahhh academia. Detournement; a way of subverting mass media’s hegemonic dominance over the meaning of cultural symbols by turning them against themselves for the purpose of discourse, dissent or criticism. Or in human words; transforming and developing images, sounds and ideas... Continue Reading →

A /r/Place of collective intelligence

When I've talked about collective intelligence in the past, it's usually about how the internet is decentralising information systems and connecting individuals who, through open sources and sharing, add to the pool of knowledge and debate. It is often linked to the transitioning structure of society and information technologies and developing online networks. But it doesn't... Continue Reading →

Sneaking past gatekeepers

The amount is debatable. Whenever I try to explain anything about 'old media' problems, I always turn to Anchorman. This satirical film thrives on issues like sexism, partisan media, newsworthiness and news as a constructed commodity. These last two have significant bearing on the transition from a centralised concept of media and information to one... Continue Reading →

That’s what gets results!

Above is what might be termed Vaporwave, a musical genre that emerged on the net around 2010. It was originally an ode to digital and musical subcultures from the '80s and '90s with a focus on jazzy-electronica elevator music and a satirical message about art in modern consumerist culture (hence the Shuttershock image). As the genre... Continue Reading →

The MEME-dium is the message

Today was illuminating. After reading Mark Federman's explanation of Marshall McLuhan's concept, I thought I had the whole medium-message paradigm down. Every conveyed idea is shared through a medium How and where ideas are expressed - spoken language, written language, digital mediums, landscapes, buildings - has an impact on the idea. This isn't always apparent but ALWAYS... Continue Reading →

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