The Omega

AKA the end. But first, moving and burgers. Recently I've been fleeing the natural disaster that is my CBD apartment, so cooking has been on the back-burner, if you will....ha. The good news is, we have somewhere to live that is huge, clean, central, has room for a BBQ and not one but THREE toilets.... Continue Reading →


Cheese and tamaaahhhta soup

I'm keeping it simple tonight. Because I'm.... Hot like wasabe when I bust rhymes Big like Leann Rimes Because I'm all about value In financial terms as well as the food I value, that being cheese on toast two ways (creamed AND cheddar) and Rosella condensed tomato soup. It was a winner in happiness terms, bringing on... Continue Reading →

Does Korean Barbecue count?

I think so. Look how happy I am! While I suppose this technically counts as eating out, the processes involved are pretty similar to cooking at home. You choose the restaurant and dishes like you would go grocery shopping and then basically cook your meal at the table. As far as happiness goes, there's less... Continue Reading →

Ultimate pork roast

Good God. The crackling, the fat soaked potatoes, the baked pear, the sprouts and peas....what a dinner (the awkward lap picture doesn't do it justice).   Yet again, it was a perfectly terrible day to do a roast - up to 38 degrees Celsius with a bitch of a dry, hot wind blowing all day.... Continue Reading →

Th Salmon Dance

So yeah, salmon. I got a little lazy last night and just had pan-fried Atlantic salmon, buttered peas and spicy rice n' beans. Basically an amalgamation of everything available and leftover in the fridge. While this dinner was amazing taste-wise, the cooking of it left me a little unsatisfied. I think one reason for this... Continue Reading →

Snorting milk

I'm only getting to this now because I collapsed at 9pm last night after a frantic weekend at work and an overdose on chili. Chili was lord of the Thai beef salad last night, supported by mint, basil, bean shoots and sizzle beef. The dish was a winner, but I hadn't used fresh chili in... Continue Reading →

Hot hot burnies hot

What's the perfect dish for the humid first day of summer? Why lasagne, of course. Ha. Cooking was a pretty traumatic affair today. I decided to do it in the afternoon so I could go for a swim and come back to a here's-one-I-prepared-earlier scenario. Unfortunately, cooking something which involves multiple pots and pans and steps... Continue Reading →

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