It’s a wikiworld…

So, uni's having us write stories for Wikinews...(much erk). Looks like a Lebanese news site (not sure how legit it is) has aggregated my piece into it's content. First half is mine. Lels to the max.


what’s the haps?

A new, independent platform for the journalistic voice, that's what's the haps. Check out some of my pieces at The Big Smoke and be mildly entertained/edified.

The Goal Now, I swear I'm not advertising any T.V. programs or personalities, and I in no way condone this particular brand of 'entertainment' news, I honestly just adore everything about Lee Lin Chin. I've always hoped that a beautifully self-depreciating humour might be a part of the package, and now my wildest imaginings have been realised. I... Continue Reading →


I'm not embarrassed to admit that up until recently Hash-Tag and I were on bad terms. We were just too different; he was a grammatical tool gettin' busy all over the internet with his opinions, and  I was a small town chick who thought his only practical function was to celebrate girls being remorsefulnotremorseful about....everything.... Continue Reading →

Do Forgive Me

I'm afraid that you've stumbled upon a complete novice. Despite growing up alongside an ever evolving cyber world in a thriving technological era, it seems I've reached adulthood with the bare minimum of skills when it comes the ol' World Wide Web. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a Rumschpringe from my Amish community,... Continue Reading →

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