Goodbye, goodbye, good friends goodbye

For now anyway. Editor This week I was an editor, which is pretty much what it sounds like. You edit reporters' work, maybe give them some advice/assistance along the way and decide whether or not it gets published. Simple. Except in UOW tradition, technology started to crumble before our eyes just when we needed it.... Continue Reading →


Final report week – how to

Audio And so it ends on a discussion of mental health services funding. This week was my last as a reporter for UOWTV through Newsroom. Next week I'll be playing editor, but I feel the finale of reporting deserves commemoration. I was once again on audio this week and once again had a fab time.... Continue Reading →

Livin’ for audio

Audio Now, it's not a groundbreaking story, it's not the best piece of anything I've ever created, but I think I'm in love. I love audio journalism. I said it... After doing RadioU last week and audio-lifestyle this week, I think I've found my jam. It's just so neat and satisfying creating audio news stories. They... Continue Reading →

Radio U can do it

It's a relief to say, I had a lot of fun! Radio U Preparing for the Radio U week is daunting. It requires your team to produce three news bulletins that are three to five minutes long. The bulletins must be ready for the 10am, 12pm and 2pm news. Each must contain a package and... Continue Reading →

Social first words & mistakes

Written Paddling and peddling for a cause. The title of my most recent article on UOWTV Multimedia  wasn't quite what I intended Peddling: to try to sell something (commonly associated with illegal procurement) or promote an idea/view widely. Pedalling: to move/travel by working the pedals of a bicycle. I was aiming for the latter, but... Continue Reading →

Death to ipads

Mobile Reporter Ahh the ol' live Facebook (do have a look at the link below). Despite my age and proficiency with email, I am certainly not a digital native. This made the mobile reporter role rather testing. In this position, you're required to complete the live interview and in some cases shoot and edit a... Continue Reading →

More than a pretty picture

Data Journalism & Visualisation Despite my greatest efforts, I simply can't get the proper version of this graphic to embed in WordPress. Like the rest of this week, this post began with high hopes, followed by frustration and an end result that makes you (shrugs shoulders). Data journalism and visualisation is all about taking stories... Continue Reading →

Road trips & leadership

UOWTV Multimedia is a wondrous and devastating thing. The master, Shawn Burns, crafted 'Newsroom' (aka JRNL303) around the principles of UOWTV Multimedia; a social-first, collaborative newsroom, combining storytelling with the practical skills of news sourcing, sharing, and content creation. In the spirit of multi-platform curation, I'll be reflecting on the 2017 Newsroom/UOWTV Multimedia experience, sharing my... Continue Reading →

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